Larry G Poss

Rules For Performing Magic

Magic is truly a special art form experts ay it is the oldest of the performing arts. It is alhobby that your friends will enjoy (they may not all be fascinated with your stamp collection but they all love to be fooled)

Every magician know three great truths: You won't believe them even though I am telling yu will have to learn the hard way. And these three are:

1.) NEVER tell them how it is done. Truth is, most magic secrets are simple (it took some magic creator a lot of time to creae the secret, but the secret itself is usually quite simple). If you tll them how it is done. they will think less of you.

2.) NEVER S tell them what you are going to do before you do it. This is very important. One of your greatest weapons is surprise. If they don't know what is coming they won’t know what to look for, and once the trick is over they cannot reconstruct the steps you took.

3.) NEVER repeat a trick. This is the same as telling them what you have done, because if you repeat a trick they know what is coming.

FOLLOW these rules and your chances of success will be improved 1000%. As you cam imagine, appearing on network television is a great challenge because viewers have DVR or VCRs - they can record the program and watch it again, so magic on TV must be VCR-proof! Should mention one last thing: practice practice and practice. Every beginner makes the same mistake. They learn a trick and go out and try to do it without practicing it. The simple secret does not mean it is simple to do. It takes work. But every great magician in history practiced for one reason: he or she loved to practice magic.

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