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Give Me Blood.....
Pumpkin Burial

A Simple Eulogy

We are gathered here to pay homage to our dearly departed Jack O' Lanterns

Through out there short lives our Halloween Pumpkins

have brought both us and our Trick or Treaters much joy.

We now consign them to the earth where they first came.

May They Rest in Peace


Pumpkin GraveyardThe day after Halloween usually marks the death of most Halloween pumpkin's and like any corpse they begin to decay, draw flies, smell and rot very quickly. It seems so heartless and cruel to simply toss them into a bag to be hauled off with the trash.

Those were our thoughts several years ago when my wife and I were about to dispose of our Jack O' Lanterns after Halloween night. Our solution to this regrettable situation was to create a new family tradition and provide them with a proper burial. In a small patch of earth in our backyard we dig a grave for our faithful pumpkins.

After placing them into the earth and covering them we give a short eulogy to show our appreciation and respect.

We think that the Great Pumpkin would be very impressed!

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