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diamond Jack


I hope that you have fun with this Card Trick.

diamond Jack


J-D.., 2-S, 6-S.., J-S.., 4-S, 5-C, 6-H, 7-C, 8-S.., K-H.., 3-C.., 4-C.., A-C.., 2-C, 5-S.., Q-D.., 2-D, 3-S.., J-C.., 7-D, 7-H.., 7-S.., Q-H, Q-C, Q-S, 6-D, 6-C.., 9-H, 9-C, 9-D.., 10-S.., 8-H, 8-D, 8-C.., 3-H, 3-D.., 10-D, 10-H.., K-S, K-C, K-D.., 9-S, 10-C.., J-H.., A-S, 4-D, 4-H.., Joker.., A-D.., 5-H, 5-D.., 2-H.., A-H



Let me introduces you to our hero DIAMOND JACK (J-D).
Mr. Jack was 26 (2-S & 6-S) year old and very handsome.
He had worked many jobs, in fact he was a JACK (J-S) of all trades.
It was rumored that Jack was gay, but I can assure you that he was STRAIGHT (4-S, 5-C, 6-H, 7-C, 8-S).
In fact he was the KING OF MANY HEARTS (K-H).
On the weekend Mr. Jack could be seen at 3 or 4 CLUBS (3-C & 4-C) around town.
It just so happens, that at ONE CLUB (A-C) he happened to meet a 25 (2-C & 5-C) year old Red Haired Lady (Q-D). After 2 or 3 (2-D & 3-S), of drinking JACK DANIELS (J-C), while she sipped a 7&7 (7-D & 7-H).
They made plans for dinner the next evening. Mr. Jack picked her up at 7 (7-S) but, when they got to the restaurant they found A FULL HOUSE (Q-H, Q-C, Q-S, 6-D,6-C).
When asked if there was a table, the German waiter replied 9... 9... 9..., (9-H. 9-C, 9-D)
till Mr. Jack slipped him a Ten Spot (10-S) where as they were promptly seated.
They must have been hungry, because they ATE & ATE & ATE (8-H, 8-D, 8-C).
And the waiter brought TRAY after TRAY (3-H, 3-D) of food.
She even had a delicious RED PAIR (10-D & 10-H) for desert.
Mr. Jack knew this was going to cost a KINGS RANSOM (K-S, & K-C, & K-D)
but, he didn't mind forking over the money, cause he had fallen in love.
They left the restaurant about 9 or 10 (9-S & 10-S), and drove to lovers lane.
It was there that he told her, "I'm not going to JACK MY HEART (J-H) around anymore and
I'm ASKING FOR (A-S & 4-D & 4-H) you to marry me?
When she realized he wasn't trying to JOKING (JOKER) with her she accepted his proposal, and he bonded it with a BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND (A-D).
It was truly a match made in heaven, they were TWO OF A KIND (5-H & 5-D), two minds with a single thought TWO HEARTS (2-H) that beat as ONE (A-H).... And, THEY LIVE HAPPIER EVER AFTER.!!!
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