Larry G Poss
To a small child, therapeutic exercise can be more than a young child wants to under go. Therapeutic for hands, arms, shoulders sometimes mean squeezing a spring or rubber ball countless times, day after day. A tedious task that even an adult would not care for, and it certainly can't be fun for children. Larry watched the kids squeezing and squeezing "1, 2, 3, 4.1, 2, 3, 4" until the therapeutic exercise quickly became un-therapeutic.
Larry picked up a tennis ball, cut a happy face into the ball, and drew two eyes and a nose with a magic marker. To a small child the ball could be a new friend. When he tried it with several of the children, they would squeeze the ball and almost without exception began talking to it as if a playmate! Play time, or therapy? Why not both? asked Larry.
I now know why Tennis uses the word
LOVE in their game.
As a parent, Larry's children's coloring art work are displayed on the refrigerator in the kitchen, and enjoys seeing his children's eyes light up when daddy goes wild over their drawing. He did not see that same happiness in the eyes of many special children while in hospital.
Larry saw a need to help children with disabilities with their coloring books. Many have trouble coloring within the outlined pictures. I saw that disappointment in their hearts as they tried to stay within the lines of the drawing.
There had to be a way to help them help themselves while coloring. Larry took an idea for his own business cards, and had a color book made up with emboss ink. Now his special children can feel the raised outlines of a drawing as they are coloring, permitting them to color closer to and within the drawing outlines. When he gave the book to several of these special children, their eyes and faces were bright enough to light the Las Vegas Strip.
Embossed ink coloring books.a simple idea to help Larry's special children through "Self-Magic-Esteem", as Larry calls it, by turning a coloring picture book challenge into a pass time of fun!
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