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Give Me Blood.....
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Kitty Turds on bed of Kitty Litter

Very simply, make little chocolate "logs", like Tootsie Rolls, and serve then in a foil-lined box, on a bed of sugar-dusted Grape Nuts. Make sure the family cat is clearly in evidence.

Dirt Pie

Make or buy a graham cracker crust, either chocolate, vanilla, or plain. Fill it with chocolate pudding and top with grapenuts. Gummi worms make a nice finishing touch!

Stained Glass Cookies

Wilton makes 2 different jack 0 lantern cookie cutters, one smiling and one not. Take either or both, and make you fave sugar cookie recipe. Be sure to color it orange!
Make sure that the holes are cleared out when you cut out your pumpkins. Before baking, crush yellow hard candies (by hand or with coffee bean grinder- life savers work well), and fill the eye & mouth holes with the crushed candy.
Bake as directed, and you will end up with a very pretty stained glass effect,
and delicious cookies!

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