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FREE CELL PHONE HEADSETI have came up with a really clever new design for a new CELL PHONE HEADSET. I am going to give away 2,500 promotional samples because I believe that when people see this amazing approach to a Cell Phone FREE CELL PHONE HEADSETHeadset everyone will want one. It is myunderstanding that I have about 850 samples left and I thought you might want to get one before they are all gone.

If you would like a FREE CELL PHONE HEADSET so you can talk "HANDS FREE" around the house or in your car or around the office order one before the promotio ends. When they come out on the market they will sell for about $29.95 + S&H. I will give any one individual up to THREE (3) units. Ithink this is something for free that we all can really use.

Let me know how you like yours.

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